Monday, June 29, 2009

How Large are the Video Data Files for Surveillance Cameras?

Data storage accounts for a substantial amount of the total video surveillance installation costs. When designing a system, storage requirements should be carefully considered.

The following table is an estimate for the amount of storage that will be required per minute of recording. The data format is for Quicktime (.mov) video, using the Sorenson compression format. Adjust your result based on the efficiency of the compression algorithm you will be using. H.264 is currently the most efficient video compression system.

Dimensions (pixels)   Frames/Second   Resulting File (MB)

1600x1200                        10                   52

 640x480                          24                   20

 320x240                          24                    5

 320x240                          15                   3.8

 160x120                          15                   1.2

 160x120                            8                   .86

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