Thursday, June 25, 2009

South Korean Border RoboCop

South Korea- North Korea could face a bad hombre if they choose to confront the South. Built by Samsung, the robot has a camera system complete with artificial intelligence so that it can track potential enemies. And if needed, it has a well aimed gun.

The "Intelligent Surveillance and Guard Robot" uses video and night-vision detection to distinguish between humans, trees, and vehicles. It can see 2.5 miles during the day and about half that at night.

"Until now, technology allowed these robots to conduct monitoring function[s] only. But [now] our robots can detect suspicious moving objects, literally go after them, and can even fire at them," said Sang-Il Han, principal research engineer at Samsung Techwin.

Once the target is within 10 meters, the robot will demand a secret code. If this code is not provided, it could give three possible responses: sound an alarm, fire rubber bullets, or shoot to kill with a K-3 machine gun.

The price per robot is about $200,000 per robot, and sales of over $200 million in the first year are anticipated.

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